Do you want to strengthen, define or redefine your club’s football philosophy? Are you interested in how to run your club, federation or league more efficiently and give opportunities to your top talents? Take up the challenge for your organization and yourself and create an optimal ecosystem for the development of both the team and the individual players. Double Pass offers four bootcamps: select the bootcamp of your choice, and get attractive discounts when you combine various bootcamps!

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Why should you participate?

Take a unique ACCELERATED EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY in specific topics within Football ACADEMY MANAGEMENT

Draw upon ACADEMIC RESEARCH, PRACTICE FROM THE FIELD and BEST PRACTICES from all over the world to run your elite football academy

Receive personalised learning through MENTORING

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The journey

1 – Kick-off

Meet your fellow students and our experts. We will listen to your expectations, answer any questions you may have and get warmed up for an amazing journey.

2 – E-Modules

Our experts have in-depth, practical insight into the development of talent in the world of football which you can tap into immediately.

3 – E-classroom

Together with our experts, your learn to apply the insight you have gained to real-life cases. These classes are led by our experts, who will provide instant and valuable feedback.

4 – Assignments + mentoring

Assess your organization and challenges using the insight you have gained and interact with an experienced mentor. Participants will receive an original Double Pass certificate at the end of the course.

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four online bootcamps:

Football I: Football philosophy

A football philosophy reflects your identity as a football club or academy and has a significant influence on your envisioned identity, both on and off the pitch. This bootcamp provides insight into the Double Pass football model and guides you towards the development of a football philosophy of your own, using a comprehensive framework and detailed steps.

Football II: Team development

Considering that football is a team sport,it is of crucial importance that we understand the factors and processes that influence the development of a team. This bootcamp provides in-depth insight into the methodology behind the development of processes and frameworks that will optimize the performance of your club or academy on the pitch.

Football III: Individual development

In football, the primary focus is on the individual player. Therefore, this bootcamp will provide you with a framework to maximize the potential of each individual player with an emphasis on football, as well as health and performance, which will facilitate the integration of young players into the world of professional football.

Club & Academy Management & Leadership

This bootcamp provides insight into a conceptual framework that will enable you to apply a football-specific strategy to all aspects of a club or academy. This will enable you to tap into the full potential of your club or academy with a strategic plan based on your own Football Business Model. You will learn to identify clear goals and KPIs and create an optimum framework for both the development of talented players and for yourself as a leader.

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