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Are you interested in how to run a Women’s Football Club, academy or league with the resources you have? Do you want to strengthen, define or redefine your Strategic plan, Football philosophy or the individual development of your players? Start an educational journey specifically developed for people in Women’s Football. This program will help you to run your Academy, Club,  League, Federation more efficiently and it will help you to overcome obstacles that Women’s football face. Take up the challenge for your organization and yourself, and create an optimal ecosystem for the development of both the team and the individual players. Double Pass offers a complete package composed of the topics Club & Academy management, Football Philosophy and Team Development, Health & Performance and Individual Development.

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Take a unique ACCELERATED EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY in specific topics within the WOMEN’S FOOTBALL landscape.

Receive personalised learning at your own pace through e-MODULES, WEBINARS, and INDIVIDUAL MENTORING with International Experts.

Boost your KNOWLEDGE and your PERSONAL CAREER while making use of this (start of season) momentum.

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The journey

1 – Kick-off

Meet your fellow students and our experts. We will listen to your expectations; answer any questions you may have and get warmed up for an amazing journey.

2 – E-Modules

Explore our tools that provide you an in-depth, practical insight into the development of talent which you can tap into immediately.

3 – E-classroom

Together with our experts discover real-life cases that will help you link the theoretical knowledge to apply the insights you have gained.

4 – Assignments + mentoring

The last step is completing an assignment based on your personal experiences and environment. In the mentoring call with our International Expert this assignment will be revised to advise and challenge you. Participants will receive an original Double Pass certificate at the end of the course.

the main chapters:

Club & academy management

This chapter provides insight into a conceptual framework that will enable you to define a Women’s Football-specific strategy to all aspects of a club or academy in order to realise long-term success.  You will learn to identify clear goals and KPIs and create an optimum framework for both the development of talented players and for yourself as a leader. Create an Organisational set-up and decision-making process of the organisation in an efficient way which supports the overall ambition of the club.

Football Philosophy and Team development

A football philosophy reflects your identity as a football club or academy and has a significant influence on your envisioned identity, both on and off the pitch. This chapter provides insight into the Double Pass football model and guides you towards the development of a football philosophy of your own, using a comprehensive framework. You will also have in-depth insight into the methodology behind the development of a learning program for all-age groups that is linked to your football philosophy. The chapter will guide you through topics such as the Football Curriculum that you learn to integrate into a Periodisation plan.

Health & Performance and Individual development

In football, the primary focus is on the individual player. Therefore, this chapter will provide you with a framework to maximize the potential of girls/women with an emphasis on health and performance, which will facilitate the integration of young girls into the world of professional football. You can expect chapters like maturity of girls, the female hormonal cycle and injury prevention to gain insight on the individual development of players.


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